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January 6, 2014

Simultaneous Remote Interpreting Takes Off

In 2013, we developed a new model for the provision of simultaneous interpreting. Traditionally, simultaneous interpreting involved renting soundproof booths and audio equipment as well as paying for interpreter travel and accommodations.

Organizations that were looking to control costs while still being able to provide event attendees with the highest quality interpreting were left with few options. That was until the experts at Able Translations tackled the problem. Together, with stakeholders, Able Translations developed Simultaneous Remote Interpreting. This solution offers a seamless way to provide conference interpreting while eliminating the extraneous costs. The interpreters no longer need to be at your event to perform their duties. Instead, they work from our office and deliver the service via proprietary software. Using high quality headphones, the event attendees can listen to the interpretation in real-time. This solution has already been successfully deployed by government agencies and large corporations throughout Canada.

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