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December 24, 2014

Romanian to English = $$$ saved

Time is money. Able Translations understands this fact and always seeks to ensure that our customers are not only getting value for their dollar but also experiencing prompt delivery of our service, which can save them additional dollars.

Recently we encountered a situation where one of the major insurance companies in Canada needed a document to be translated from Romanian to English. A very short turnaround time was needed due to the nature of this being a medical file for a patient needing transportation back to Canada. Able is happy to report that we were able to deliver the translated document in a very expeditious manner allowing the client to have potentially save thousands of dollars. We understand the need all of our medical and insurance partners have when it comes to repatriation of clients who find themselves in a time of need when travelling abroad and that timely translation allows loved ones to be returned home and for providers to save funds.

The example above, although a medical one with perhaps a higher potential for financial impact, does not stand alone, timely translation can help all manners of business needs. These can range from: posting job openings more quickly and filling vacancies, communicating executive decisions to all countries in all operating languages more efficiently, allow operations to be more effective, resolve possible contract concerns or legal challenges from other jurisdictions quicker. Able understands the need to make decisions timely directly impacts your bottom line!

Able is here to help.

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