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September 19, 2014

Video Remote Interpreting

Have you ever had the need for an interpreter on-demand?

One which you prefer to see the interpreter rather than a less impersonal approach such as telephone interpreting? Well look no further, Able Translations has developed a fast and interactive video remote interpreting tool called vickiTM (Video Interpreting Centralized Knowledge Interface).

Specifically tailored to meet the needs of our clients, this unique solution responds to the ever-growing need for on-demand multilingual and sign language communication. vickiTM is a real-time video remote interpreting service that brings the user face-to-face with a qualified interpreter on demand. It reduces the cost of interpreting as travel costs and mileage are not incurred. The solution is highly adaptable to an array of working environments and industries. It provides the ultimate level of flexibility while maintaining quality interpreting. vickiTM meets interpreting demands where on-site qualified interpreters are not available, especially in remote locations. This reliable, secure and user friendly solution is an excellent fit for organizations seeking face-to-face communication with an interpreter at a moment’s notice.

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