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May 14, 2014

The New Wave Simultaneous Remote Interpreting

Are you planning a conference, seminar or hosting a business meeting and require interpreting services? If the answer is yes, Simultaneous Remote Interpreting (SRI) is the perfect fit for your event. Simultaneous Remote Interpreting is a revolutionary, web-based application that will save you up to 50% off the cost of traditional simultaneous interpreting without sacrificing quality or reliability.

This innovative platform works by connecting you to our simultaneous interpreters via a high-speed, secure, peer-to-peer connection. The interpreting is performed remotely so you no longer have to budget for interpreter travel expenses or expensive booth and audio equipment rentals. This service has been extremely successfully in both boardroom and conference settings. It is completely scalable and available in every language. Our track record speaks for itself we have successfully administered this service to many large organizations such as Mars Canada, Berkshire-Hathaway and Workers Compensation Board. They have been extremely satisfied with the results yielded and we are confident that you will, too!

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