A low hanging mist pushes its way through forests and mountains. The aftermath of a seasonal rainstorm can still be felt in the damp of the air and in the sound of water dripping from leaves. Although many trees still stand strong and true there are scars of land that have been emptied.

This is the Sola de Vega District in Oaxaca, Mexico. It is home to many different Native American groups. One such group is the speakers of Lachixío Zapotec.

With over 3000 speakers actively communicating using the language, this language is technically in the developing phase of its life. The vigour in which the language is currently used has helped it reach a healthier state after many years of speakers converting over to Spanish. While many of the speakers of the language also use Spanish they shift over to their native tongue for almost all of their daily life.

Lachixío Zapotec is part of the West Zapotec branch, which includes two other languages. All of these languages function with a VSO word order (Verb-Subject-Object). This means that a phrase such as “she loves him” would become “loves she him”. This word order is only used in 9% of languages around the world.

Learn to Count to 10 in Lachixío Zapotec

  1. Tucu
  2. Chiucu
  3. Chuna
  4. Tacu
  5. Ayu’
  6. Xu’cu
  7. Achi
  8. Xunu
  9. Quie’
  10. Chi’i



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