Getting Your Website Translated

It is no longer the norm to accept English as the universal language and, as such, it should be of primary importance being able to meet the language needs of your targeted demographic. Languages such as Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, and French continue to grow exponentially, with just under a billion people speaking Mandarin alone. This is not to be overlooked as the potential for growth in these markets, as well as locally, is tremendous and can significantly impact the profitability of your organization.

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The Worth of a Professional Interpreter

The absence of an interpreter, whether trained or untrained, at a session where the individuals involved do not speak the same language can also be very risky. It is not correct to assume that a basic level of understanding of a language is sufficient for clear communication to occur. Prudent individuals will therefore not risk the credibility of their business or jeopardize the welfare of the people they serve by not making the required investment of using the services of a professional interpreter.

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Language Consultancy

Did you know that Able Translations’ services go well beyond translation and interpreting?

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Why is Transcription Important to your Business?

Able Translations provides professional, high-quality transcription services. We employ a pool of skilled and knowledgeable transcriptionists who are experienced in transcribing recordings in English as well as over 150 other languages and dialects. We accept audio files in various formats such as mp3 and wav and always deliver the transcribed file according to the client’s specifications thereby facilitating ease of use.

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Video Remote Interpreting

Have you ever had the need for an interpreter on-demand?Have you ever had the need for an interpreter on-demand?Have you ever had the need for an interpreter on-demand?Have you ever had the need for an interpreter on-demand?Have you ever had the need for an interpreter on-demand?Have you eve....Read the Full Article


Top Three Reasons to Translate Your Website

Businesses now operate in a global environment and as such it is critical to be  equipped with the right tools to effectively market your products and services to  your target audience. Digital marketing is a growing medium and many persons first  interaction with a company is through their we....Read the Full Article

The Chinese Economy According to a Language Expert

According to Global by Design, traditional Chinese breaks the top ten for both the most popular language category as well as the fastest growing. This is both for English to Chinese translation services as well as Chinese to other languages. Additionally, according to Google trends, English to Chinese translation variants are both “breakout” and “rising” search terms. Now, this data isn’t definitive but it still points to current growth in China’s economy (at least for now).

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Translation Rates – What You Need to Know

I get asked a lot of questions but the question I answer most often is "what are general translation rates?" or “how much does a translation cost?” My answer is always “Well, it depends...”

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7 Steps Toward Managing a Diverse Workforce (Part 3)

If you missed it, you should go back and check out part 1 and part 2 of the series before moving on. They can be found here:

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Video Remote Interpreting Services in Hospitals: Patient Outcomes, Budget Concerns, and Technological Developments

The need for high quality interpreters in hospitals is now more pressing than ever. Our society is diversifying at an incremental rate and these citizens have an equal right to proper care. Too often, patients that do not speak the local language are forced to rely on “interpreters of convenience” like relatives and hospital staff or worse, they are left without being able to fully communicate with their physician. Language discordance can increase hospital stay and cause poorer patient care. This can have significant financial ramifications. In order to minimize the effect of language discordance, hospitals need to provide specialized interpreters to their patients. The increased budgetary restraints imposed on public health providers coupled with a paradigm of risk management has made this need even greater. Costs can be cut by providing high quality care to all patients and mitigate the risk associated with miscommunication. The development of cost-effective technologies in the language industry has simplified the once complex and expensive interpreting service delivery.

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